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    In a world where failure is caught on video, the loyal FailArmy Nation soldiers submit their best, funniest and most brutal fails each week to be highlighted on the Fails of the Week compilation.

    This is their story from week 1 July.

    Let us know your thoughts down below and as always, Salute!
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    Original Links:
    Two Guys Collide While Trying to Jump Over Bonfire
    Teen Bends Golf Flagstick and Flings It into Himself
    Rope Swing Catches and Breaks Foot
    Drunk Man Falls Face First onto Bathroom Floor
    Senior Citizen's Flubbed Poolside Handstand Ends in Splash
    Jet Ski Comes in Hot for a Landing
    Amateur Fire Breather Mistakenly Sets His Face Ablaze
    Ledge Trick Leaves Skater Disoriented and Immobilized
    Guy Shatters Glass Table with Sword
    Guy Slams into Rock Sliding Down Stream
    Wax Paper Skier Takes out Sister
    Girl Trips over Hurdle and Falls
    Toddler Drives Toy Car while Sleeping
    Firework Explodes into Group of Friends
    BMX Tailwhip Crash
    Motorcycle Crashes into Mini Van
    Kid Attempts Double Back Flip off Playground
    Longboard fail
    Racing Motorcyclist Crashes on Dirt Ramp
    Gym Goer Uses Machine Incorrectly for Neck Exercise
    Dad Flies Quadcopter into Son
    Denver Floodwaters Sweep Away Parked SUV
    18-Wheeler Gets Rear-Ended in Slowed Traffic
    Golden Retriever Hates Brooms
    Car Runs Red Light Right in Front of Police
    Girl Slams into Ground Attempting Backflip off Swing Set
    Puppy Catches First Glimpse and Cowers at His Reflection
    Trampoline Group Causes Swing Set to Collapse
    Cat Freaks Out when Flower Gets Put on Head
    Guy Gets Yelled at by Queen's Guard
    Kid Falls in Empty Pool's Dirty Puddle

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