Best Fails of the Week 3 June 2015 || FailArmy

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    "Hey, how much you pay for that taco?" more like how much did you pay for that assplant.

    Check out this week's most epic and funniest fails and leave a comment down below.

    Thanks guys for all the support over the years and as always, Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Skater Trips over Board While Singing Praises of Taco Bell
    Guy Hits Himself in the Crotch with Scooter Handlebar
    Construction Worker Falls While Walking on Stilts
    Standing Wheelie Ride on Ramp Ends Badly
    Teen Gets Carried Away and Jumps thru Trampoline Safety Net
    Pedestrian Runs into Traffic and Collides with Motorcyclist
    Shotgunner Sprays Camera with Beer
    Man Tries to Take Selfie with Sea Lion
    Guy Smashes Head after Parkour Jump Attempt
    Semi Truck Crashes into Pole
    Mountain Biker Wipes Out on Downhill Trail
    Guy Hits Butt on Trampoline
    Engine Malfunction Leads to Brutal Motocross Crash
    Teacher Makes Huge Explosion in Chemistry Class
    Driver Loses Control and Crashes into Telephone Pole
    Skateboarder Attempts No Look Kickflip
    Girl Gets Hit in the Face by Ceiling Fan
    Street Hockey Player Hits GoPro with Ball
    Longboarder Crashes into Mailbox
    Girl Falls off Longboard and Bursts into Tears
    BMXer Attempts 180 Spin Off Ledge and Fails
    Cat Falls into Fish Tank
    Car Knocks Over Scooter and Flees
    Kid Tries to Hang on Tree but Branch Snaps
    Guy Tries to Break into Car with Newspaper Stand
    Old Man Tries to Jump Over River but Falls in
    Truck Runs over Mercedes Hood While Turning Right
    Hikers Scurry to Get Out of Mountain Biker's Way
    Parachutist Crash-Lands and Gets Standing Ovation

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