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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Ready for the best fails of July's week 3? Featuring better fails than Comcast's customer service leak, this compilation is sure to keep you laughing the rest of the weekend!
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    Original Links:
    Cameraman Bike hit:
    Parkour Backflip Help:
    Bike Crash:
    Firework Hits Cameraman:
    Storm Rips Off Roof:
    Full Twist Fail:
    Bike Jump KO:
    Free Running Fail:
    Penalty Shot:
    Lake Swing:
    Bike Honk:
    Car Crashes into Building:
    Mountain Bike POV Crash:
    Yellow Rail Skateboarding:
    Bull Roulette:
    Shot Mountain:
    Graduation Fail:
    Slackline fail:
    Chestnut Explosion:
    Forest Mountain Bike:
    Golf Swing:
    Pole Dancing:
    Moto Slide:
    Parkour Side Flip Fail:
    Slackline Faceplant:
    Soap Box Crash:
    Bike Butt Landing:
    Pinata Fail:
    Soccer Fail:
    Parkour Side Flip:
    Baseball Hits Camera:
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